Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been a while......

Wow, it's been forever since I've posted a blog. Well let me just start by saying that I'm having the best holiday season ever. One of the reasons is because.............

MY NEW CAR!!!!!!!!

Isn't she beautiful!!!!!!!!!! These aren't the greatest pictures, but it was the best i could do. I only had so much space to walk around in my garage. Anyways, it's an Imperial Blue 2009 Chevy Malibu with light grey interior cloth.


The second reason this is the best holiday season is because i get to spend it with my family. This Thanksgiving Me, Jon, Jonathan, my mom, and dad went back east to Maryland to visit my sister. It was so much fun. I was so scared for Jonathan to be on a plane. i thought he ould be screaming and crying, but he wa perfect!

Jonathan's first plane ride. He was so good that you wouldn't have even known there was a 2 year old sitting right next to us. He was a sleep the whole time. these are the only two pictures i got when he was awake, because the rest of the time he was sleeping! He was such a good boy!


One of the days we were in Baltimore, Erica took us to the Aquarium. It was so fun. We got to see a dolphin show and Jonathan loved that! We got him a dolphin stuffed animal and he plays with it saying "the dolphin jumping in the water." It's so cute. But anyways, we pretty much wore his little butt out that day. We went to lunch after the aquarium and this is how he spend the whole lunch time...........



This is Thanksgiving day. We spent it at Erica and John's house. My sister cooked her very first Thanksgiving dinner and it was so good! she did a great job. i helped her a little bit. it was nice to spend time with her in the kitchen. we never get to do that because we never get to see eachother! We had a great time.

Jon and Jonathan coming downstairs after getting ready for the day. Aren't my boys so handsome?

I was surprised that Jon let me take a picture like this. He hates being all lovey dovey like. he's always like, "That's gay" but i guess he was in the holiday spirit so i had to take a snapshot of this!
Right down the street from Erica's house is HUGE park. It is so beautiful too. While waiting for the turkey to be done, we took Jonathan to play. He had a blast. I think he would live in that park if he could, he loved it so much.

Isn't this the best picture. His face sums it all up on how much he loved this park.

Ok, so when i saw him climbing up this, i knew it was a bad idea, so i was ready with the camera.

He totally got stuck. I was laughing so hard i didn't know what to do. i just left him hanging for like 2mins cuz i was laughing so hard. he wasn't hurt though.

This is Luther. One of the cutest and sweetest dogs. He's Erica's and John's dog. It was so cute when he was playing with Jonathan because they were the same height!

This is John. My sister's boyfriend. It was crazy because we had a house full of Jon's. There was my Jon, Jonathan, my sister's John and his dad's name was John. It was funny when i would say Jon and three heads would turn.
My sister in the kitchen cooking he first Thanksgiving dinner.
Jonathan, my dad, and Luther eyeballing the bowl of chips.

Well i hope everyone is having the greatest holiday season like me. I'll try and not take so long to post my next update. HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

At this time (11:55am) 2 years ago i was in the hospital feeling a little scared. I was having contractions that i couldn't feel yet, but little did i know i was in for the ride of my life. I can't believe that two years ago today my little baby boy was born at 5:47pm. Even though they had to cut my gut open i would do it all over again just for him. Im so amazed at how smart he is and how much love I can have for just one little person. He's getting so big and i can't believe that he is 2 years old! Now I have to start potty training! AAAAHHHHH!! Here are a few pictures of him just lounging around the house playing with his trains.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jonathan's Birthday Party

So Jonathan had his 2nd B-day party today and being so busy, i forgot to get my camera ready and take pictures. Im kinda bummed out about that cuz i decorated the house with football stuff and it was so freakin cute. We had a football themed party. We grilled out and i made little football rice krispy treats and Jonathan was even wearing the cutest Kansas City Chiefs jersey. Everything was perfect and i of course forgot the damn camera. Thank God for my dad cuz then i wouldn't have any pictures. As soon as i get them i will post the pictures.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can You Believe It?

I'M DONE!!!!!
August 21, 2008 was my last day of school! I finished all of my Externshp hours and I am now getting paid for working as a Dental Assistant. I just seriously ccan't believe that i have no more tests to take, no more home work to do, and mostly no more working with out getting paid!!! Im so glad i had great teachers(Kristin and Jill, love you guys!) at Vatterott who pushed me to do my best and made learning fun and going to class everynight a pleasure. I can't not thank them enough for everything they did for me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Poor Son :(

I thought i would update everyone on what my past week and weekend has been like. Well starting Monday morning of last week, Jonathan wakes up with his eyes goobered shut and one of his eyes were smaller than the other. didn't really think anything of it, so i took him to day care, told them about his eyes and said if it got any worse to call me at work. Everything was fine Tuesday except for goobers in his eyes. Wednesday he started to get a little stuffy and developed a cough. I let it slide because i figured it would get a little worse before it got better. I was completely wrong. By Friday i was taking him to the Dr.'s office because his coughing was keeping him up at night. well Dr. Shawn said he had a bad cold and PINK EYE IN BOTH EYES!!!! He prescribed Jonathan some Tri-vent for his cough and Vigamox for his eyes. (And to warn all mothers, if your child gets any prescription that are eye drops...good luck getting them in!) Anyways, before leaving, Dr. Shawn says "if he spikes a fever give me a call and bring him back in." The weekend went fine. He was acting normal and no fever. Had a little trouble sleeping at night, but when he woke up no eye goobers. Well Monday morning i took him to daycare and about 11:45am they call my work and say that Jonathan has a fever of 101.6 and i need to come get him and i can't bring him back until he has been 24hours free of a fever. i called Dr. Shawn and he was not in Monday so i had to wait until today (tuesday). Since the time i brought jonathan home monday until this morning he slept non-stop only waking up once to eat dinner. And if a 22 month old is sleeping all day and not playing, you know there's gotta be something really wrong. So i just came back from the Dr.'s about an hour ago and Dr. Shawn told me that between friday and Monday he developed an ear infection on top of his cold and prescribed me two more meds for him! My poor son!
All he can do is sleep! I feel so bad for him!
All the medicine Jonathan has been taking. He's never been this sick before!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July!!

Jon and I hosted our first party ever this fourth of July and it was so much fun! We had about 15 people over and we played games, grilled out, lit off some day time fireworks for the kids, went to Rosenblatt to watch fireworks and came back to our house to light off some more of our own. It was a blast and i can't wait to do it again next year!
It doesn't look like a lot of people were there, but that because they were all hiding out in the garage for some shade because it was so hot.
Me and Jon hanging out. By that time i was looking like an elephant because we just ate dinner.
Daddy and Jonathan sharing a root beer float.

Grandpa Bill, Terry, and Uncle Jim watching the kids play.

Jon did pretty good with cooking all that yummy food. We had hamburgers, brats, baked beans, and a bunch of other great foods that were perfect for grillin out.
Don't ask me what Jimmy was doing with our mail box.
Jonathan and Jaxon were playing a little one on one. Looks like Jonathan got his ball in first!

Jonathan was trying to drink his cheerios!
Seth and Jimmy settin off fireworks.
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Past Few Weeks......

Ok, so i've been a little behind on posting events that have happened in my life. On June 16, 2008, i started extern! Im working at Eagle Run Dental Group and I LOVE IT!!!! Dr. Shar and Dr. Bob are the best and i hope i get to stay there for a long time. The other events im sure you can figure out by looking at the pictures......enjoy!
Jonathan's first day of daycare and my first day of work!
This is just a random picture, but i thought it was freakin hilarious. He past out after lunch. :)


Me and Jon decided to take advantage of this nice weather thats been going on and go to the zoo. Jonathan loves going to see all the animals and he never gets tired of telling us what all the animals "say". I've never taken him to the petting zoo part cause i was scared the goats would trample him down, but i got the courage to take him this time. It was a fun experience for all of us! Apparently this goat needed to cool off in his metal feeding tray.
It was feeding time! I let Jonathan feed the goats as long as Jon was elping him. I didn't want the damn goat to mistake his finger for a carrot!

After a while he got bored with feeding and petting the goats, so he decided to chase the dove the was flying and walking around the petting zoo. It was so funny because the bird was just running around in circle and trying to dodge Jonathan, and he was right behind that bird with his arms out saying..."bird...bird..bird."


Friday afternoon/early evening was something i would not want to ever experience again. Of all the years of living in "Tornado Alley" this was the worst i have ever been in. Around 4:30 the wheather report came on the tv as breaking news and Bill Randby...my favorite wheather man :)....said there was a storm a brewin'. He said there were no signs of tornados, but there was damaging winds and severe hail and that people in the stroms path need to be in a sturdy shelter. Well, being retarded, me and Jon went out side to check it out. It was getting kinda dark, so Jon started tying our little tree down so it wouldn't break. Out of nowhere the wind just started blowing like crazy so i went into the garage. It started getting stronger so i yelled for jon to come in the garage. It got even worse and Jon started to see the debris on the ground go in circles so he instructed for me to get Jonathan and go in the closet. I wanted to see what was going on so me and Jon stood at the front door to watch the storm pass, but then everything just went down hill from there. The hail started hitting our house with winds of 65-70mph. The big HUGE trees were just bowing to the ground. We hurried and ran in the closet and sat there with my son clutching on to me and his head buried between my shoulder and neck for 5-7mins just hearing the winds getting stronger and the hail hitting out house even harder. There was NO WAY it could not have been a tornado. It was the scariest thing i've ever been through.

This is what our ground looked like when we went outside.
This is the size of the hail (next to a quarter) that was hitting our house at 65-70mph. Later we found that the siding of our house has many holes that need to be fixed. We were very lucky that none of our windows broke.
Our streets were flooded and traffic was backed up because people were scared to drive through this!
This was down the street from us. Thank God no one was in there, but there was one couple that did die after a tree had fallen on their car.
Scary isn't it?